Erwin Park DIY-O: Print Maps

Don’t forget to print your separate clue sheet! Have fun!

Maps available until noon on Sunday, March 20!

 Instructions: Each course consists of a map and clue sheet. Yellow, Brown and Green have symbol clues on the map, but a separate text clue sheet is essential for Yellow. For Score-O, a separate clue sheet is needed, since there are no clues on that map.  Be sure to print both. Tip: Put them in a large plastic bag to keep them together when you’re out on the course. Although the map includes an abbreviated legend, if you’re new to orienteering, it’s a good idea to print a map legend to understand what the colors and shapes mean.


(Why separate pieces of paper? We wanted to make everything printable on letter-size paper for printing at home. At a typical meet, we would pre-print the map, clues and legend on one broadsheet 11″ x 17″ sheet.)


PDFs for printing


Map Legend

Yellow map / Yellow clues (includes text description)

Brown map / Brown clues

Green map / Green clues

Brown NT map (No Trails option)

Green NT map (No Trails option)

JPGs for map apps

Clues available as PDF only (see above).

Yellow map

Brown map

Green map

Brown NT map (No Trails option)

Green NT map (No Trails option)