North Texas Spring-O & 2025 Junior Nationals: Race & Map Details

Clements Scout Ranch

North Texas Spring-O & 2025 Junior Nationals
Date: Fri.-Sun., Mar. 21-23, 2025
Location: Sid Richardson Scout Ranch (SR2), Bridgeport, TX (Map)

(Updated 7/18)


Map: Scale for ALL courses will be 1:10,000, 5m contours, based on recommendation of mapper/course consultant. 

The current SR2 map may be downloaded below for pre-event study. Note that the new map being prepared for competition will be drafted in a different style. 

Courses and classes:

  • All standard OUSA competitive courses and classes will be offered. Competitors MUST pre-register at OUSA Event Register (link to be provided soon).
  • Recreational courses comparable to white, yellow, orange, brown and green in lengths and difficulty will be offered.  (In other words, no red or blue for recreational.) You can pre-register (appreciated, for map counts) or sign up day of event. (link to be provided soon)

Information on course lengths and climb will be posted when available.

Control descriptions: Control descriptions will printed on the map. Loose description sheets will also be available during call-up, 2-3 minutes before your start. Runners are responsible for their own clue card holders or fasteners. Descriptions for white and yellow courses will be in both IOF symbols and English. Descriptions for orange course and above will be in IOF symbols only.

Control Markers: Control markers will be IOF-standard orange and white flag. Control markers will also include a blue stripe, either diagonal or vertical.

More info to come!