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It takes a small village to put on a great orienteering meet and run a successful club. Getting involved is easy: Just ask anyone in one of those red, white and blue NTOA jerseys with the fierce armadillo on the front how you can help!


You don't have to be a member to participate at NTOA events. But joining or renewing your membership with NTOA is a win-win proposition--you get discounts on meet fees, plus your dues help us:

  • Develop new orienteering maps, which are the lifeblood of a club
  • Buy new and maintain existing equipment
  • Provide financial support to promising young orienteers who qualify to attend and/or compete at the national level

NTOA is a registered 501(c)(301) not-for-profit organization. Membership year starts with the new season each September.


  • Individual: $15
  • Family: $20
  • Group: No group membership is required. Students aged 19 and under automatically receive reduced meet fees.


There are lots of ways you can help NTOA introduce more people to the sport of orienteering.

At the event: We often have assisting schools to help with many tasks at our events. But we appreciate adult volunteers who can learn how the various stations work, and supervise or pitch in: Registration, Start area, Finish area, Card Scoring (for Score-Os), Picking up controls. For info, reach out to the Meet Director at any of our local events.

We're also looking for NTOA members who want to learn how to be meet directors, course setters and e-punch coordinators -- starting as assistants, of course. These are the key positions that make our events possible. For info, email Jim Stevens.

Between events: Help us spread the word about how fun orienteering is! We could use help with activities such as: creating and distributing marketing materials // contributing to our social media channels // talking about orienteering to groups such as schools. For info, email Lisa Carr.

Assisting organizations

NTOA has a special volunteering opportunity for school groups: Commit to being an assisting school at one of our events this season, and receive an honorarium of $200. We typically need 10-15 students to help us with duties such as registration, start time Assignment, start line control, finish line control, computer data entry, and handing out awards. We will train volunteers to perform these functions, and everyone will be able to orienteer as well! Groups with the ability to help us collect orienteering bags after the event will receive an extra $100.

Check out our Events calendar and contact NTOA VP Stan Darnell to learn more and volunteer.