Plano DIY Score-O: Print Maps

Don’t forget to print your separate clue sheet! Have fun!

Maps available until 3 p.m. on Sunday, May 8 — event ends when park closes

 Instructions: There are two maps for this event: Bob Woodruff and Oak Point. Be sure to print both if you’re planning to visit both, of course! They also have separate clue sheets. Tip: Put them in a large plastic bag to keep them together when you’re out on the course. If you’re new to orienteering, print a map legend to understand what the colors and shapes mean.


(Why separate pieces of paper? We wanted to make everything printable on letter-size paper for printing at home. At a typical meet, we would pre-print the map, clues and legend on one broadsheet 11″ x 17″ sheet.)


PDFs for printing


Map Legend

Bob Woodruff Park Map

Oak Point Park Map

All clues (with descriptions)

JPGs for map apps

Clues available as PDF only (see above).

Bob Woodruff Park Map 

Oak Point Park Map