LBJ Grasslands DilloGoat

THIS is LBJ Grasslands!

What on earth is a “Dillogoat?” It’s our Texas-flavored version of a fun orienteering race typically called a Billygoat. In a Billygoat race:

  • There’s a mass start
  • Following is allowed — encouraged, even!
  • You’re allowed to skip a control or two – the meet director will tell you how many
  • First one across the finish line on each course wins

This is what we call a barebones event: No awards, no start times. Just fun with a map.  We will use EPUNCH.

Warning: The location of this event at LBJ National Grasslands is gnarlier and more “natural” than any of the city parks and camps used for NTOA events. Full O gear (i.e., leg protection, long sleeves) is recommended. There are few fences, and it’s easy to wander off the map. So, no beginners, sorry! The meet director reserves the right to reject any registration entries or to disallow the participation of any entrants not known to have the necessary skills and experience.

Pre-Registration is closed — Day-of-race registration is not available at this event. So, see you next time

Event Officials

Meet Director & Course Setters…… Gene WernetteRay Janes Meet and Course notes. 

Assisting School: N/A
E-Punch Coordinator: N/A


We’ll be offering the following courses:
Brown: Short advanced
Red: Long advanced

See a detailed description of each class.


No awards = No classes! Just do it.

Scoring: Electronic timing will be used to score everything.


Please be sure to check the NTOA Facebook Page or Group for last-minute schedule changes. We hold events rain or shine.

Time Activity
9:00 – 9:30 am Registration is open
9:45 a.m. Pre-race briefing
10:00 a.m. Mass start!
1:00 p.m. Everyone be back!

Event fees & registration

We’ll keep this simple: $5/person. No day-of-race registration is permitted — it’s too far out of the way to show up on a whim anyway. Registration closes Thursday afternoon before the event. Questions about registration? Contact the NTOA Registrar. For questions on other event matters, contact the Meet Director (listed above).

Registration is closed. No day-of-race entries for this event.


*There is no Team Registration for a Goat event since anyone and everyone can work together if they choose.  

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Location & directions

The Dillo-Goat is being held on the LBJ-North Map. This is a trickier venue to find than most — consider that your first navigational challenge of the day!

From Dallas/Denton: Exit I-35N at US 380 (University Drive). West on US 380 to Decatur. Exit US 380 just after the railroad overpass in Decatur. Head north on Farm to Market (FM) Road 730. Follow directions at bottom to get to the LBJ North Map from FM 730.

From Ft. Worth: North on US 287 to Decatur. East on US 380. Left exit in 1 mile on FM 730. Head north on FM 730. Follow directions below to get to the LBJ North Map from FM 730.

Once on FM730, heading north:

  • Turn left on FM 2360. NOTE: FM 2360 connects to FM 730 at two places. There are brown road signs on FM 730 at both turn offs to Black Creek Lake. If you take the first left onto FM 2360, you will soon be heading north. This route is more direct, but has more gravel road (3.75 miles). If you take the second left onto FM 2360, you will be heading west. This route is less direct, but has less gravel road (2.0 miles). The second left is the recommended route and will have NTOA signs at each turn. (Thanks, Ralph!)
  • Go west on FM 2372 / Claborn Rd.
  • North on FM 2461 / Portwood Rd. (towards Black Creek Lake)
  • Go straight past the next Black Creek Lake sign (don’t turn left). NOTE: in previous years, we met at Black Creek Lake, but not any more.
  • Continue heading north on FM 2461.
  • Go west (left) on FS 904 towards Tadra Pt. trailhead  (i.e. West at the ranch house, crossing the cattle guard)
  • Continue following this road until you reach the meet headquarters. Turn right turn at Tadra Pt. sign and follow it to Tadra Point. We will be using a dead-end road to the west just before entering Tadra Point.