BWOP 2022 Course Setter notes

Bob Woodruff/Oak Point 2022 Course Setter Notes


There are 50 controls scattered across Bob Woodruff (BW) and Oak Point (OP). There are 26 in BW and 24 in OP. In addition to the standard orange and white bags, there should be orange and yellow ribbons. One of the ribbons will marked with, the event date, and the control number.

For this Score-O, the controls are worth various points, depending on where they are located. Usually, the farther away, the higher the value. The control number on the map will match the last two digits of the control bag. The point value is determined by the first digit of the map control (or second digit of the bag number). So bag 324 is map control 24, and is worth 20 points. All controls in Bob Woodruff are worth 10, 30, or 50 points. The controls in Oak Point are 20, 40, or 60 points. Your punch card will have 30 slots for each park, so make sure you punch the correct edge of the card.

Terrain and Vegetation

The terrain varies from mowed fairways with ponds to tall grass prairies, to dark thicketed forests. The forest trails are either nice compacted clay when dry, to a slick, gooey, sticky mess when wet (so hope it’s dry). All the green ground cover has grown in the last 3+ weeks, so what used to be fairly open a month ago has become walls of three foot high grass with growing patches of poison ivy along the forest edges trails.

Water Features and Weather

Rowlett Creek runs North/South through both parks and is uncrossable except at Park Road, and the foot bridges at the North end of BW and both ends of OP.


Do NOT cross over Park Road or Parker Road. Use the trails beneath the bridges on both roads.

The parks are bounded by Jupiter on the North, Spring Creek and Shiloh on the West, 18th Street and Blossom Trail on the South, and San Gabriel and Los Rios on the East.

Keep clear of the bird houses scattered around the parks.


Special man-made items are represented by black O’s or X’s.  A black ‘O’ can be a tall lamp post, bike repair station, or a prominent birdhouse on a post.  A black ‘X’ may be a sign or kiosk, large piece of rusty debris, utility box, park bench, playground equipment, fireplace/pit, small monument, etc. Basically any permanent miscellaneous man-made object.

You will be receiving two maps, one for each park, which are normally printed front and back on the same sheet. Again, make sure the control number on the map, matches the control number on the punch card, and matches the last two digits on the control bag.


Watch out for bikes on the paved trails and occasional runners on the larger forest trails.

Watch out for poison ivy and green-briars in the woods, marshy areas, and forest edges. All the wild animals are usually napping during the day so you probably won’t see any of our raccoons, possums, armadillos, bobcats, and coyotes. However, you may hear some coyotes start howling if a low business jet flies over. And there is always the occasional snake…


Bob Woodruff26?
Oak Point24?
~ 12 km?

All courses start and finish at the Bob Woodruff North Pavilion.

Frank Ray, course setter