Harry Moss DIY-O: Print Maps

Don’t forget to print your separate clue sheet! Have fun!


Instructions: Each course consists of a map and separate clue sheet. Be sure to print both. Tip: Put them both in a large ziploc bag to keep them together when you’re out on the course. And, if you’re new to orienteering, print a map legend to understand what the colors and shapes mean.

(Why are there 3 pieces of paper? We wanted to make everything printable on letter-size paper for printing at home. At a typical meet, we would pre-print the map and legend on one broadsheet 11″ x 17″ sheet.)


PDFs for printing


Map Legend

Yellow map / Yellow clues (includes text description)

Orange map / Orange clues

Brown map / Brown clues

Green map / Green clues

Score-O map (all controls)All clues

JPGs for map apps

Clues available as PDF only (see above).

Yellow map

Orange map

Brown map

Green map

Score-O map (all controls)