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Meet Director Notes


Check-in, Start, and Finish are at the northern (main) pavilion in Bob Woodruff Park on San Gabriel.

Mass start is at 9:00 AM.


There will be two Score-O courses: a short 90 minute time limit course and a long 3 hour time limit course.

Both courses use the same maps (both Bob Woodruff and Oak Point parks) and the same controls. The two parks join together via a paved bike trail under the Parker Road bridge.

Score-O Rules

Score-O is different from normal orienteering. There is a mass start of all of the orienteers at the same time. Orienteers can go to controls in any order they choose.

Hint: because of the mass start, many orienteers will arrive at the closest controls at the same time and then wait around a little while to get a chance to punch. Thus, one strategy is to bypass these closer controls and only punch them at the end if you still have time.

The controls have different point values. There are 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 point controls. The value of the control is indicated by the middle number. E.g. control 112 is worth ten points and control 137 is worth thirty points.

In general, the 10 & 20 point controls are of White course difficulty; the 30 & 40 point controls are of White/Yellow course difficulty; and the 50 & 60 point controls are of Yellow/Orange difficulty. The 10, 30, and 50 point controls are located in Bob Woodruff Park and the 20, 40, and 60 point controls are located in Oak Point Park.

Orienteers must check in at the finish. Penalty points are assigned for being later than the course time limit (90 minutes for the shorter course and 3 hours for the longer course). Penalty points are assigned as 2 raised to the number of minutes late, i.e. 2 minutes late. E.g. 1 point for less than 1 minute late, 2 points for 1 minute, 4 points for 2 minutes, 8 points for 3 minutes, 16 points for 4 minutes, to 4096 points for 12 or more minutes late.

The score is the sum of the points for the controls found (and punched) minus any penalty points for being late. There is no penalty for skipping or missing controls. The winner is the orienteer that has the most points. If there is a tie, then the orienteer with the shorter time wins the tie.

Flood Plain

Most of both parks are in the Rowlett Creek flood plain. Some of the seasonal swamps, watercourses and ditches have water or mud while others were dry. If there has been significant rain since the map was updated, then many of these low spots may be full of water or at least very muddy.

If we get a "frog-strangler" (that's Texas slang for a torrential downpour, like a 4 inch rain is a short period of time) so that the park is flooded, then the meet will be cancelled. In the very unlikely event that this happens, we will make an announcement on the NTOA facebook page at

Rowlett Creek

Rowlett Creek is about 20 feet lower than the adjacent flood plain. No controls are set in Rowlett Creek or its major tributaries. Several trails skirt the creek banks. Be careful and do not crowd along these locations.

Do not go down into Rowlett Creek or try to wade across it. You must cross Rowlett Creek at the different bridges in the parks. These bridges are marked on the map. Note that there is no bridge across Rowlett Creek in Bob Woodruff Park south of Park Boulevard.


Horse riding is allowed in both parks, with most of the horse riding being in the northern and eastern parts. If horse rider(s) approach you, park rules require you to yield right of way to them. Please get off the trails and allow horses to pass safely without spooking them.


The paved sidewalks and some of the dirt paths are used by cyclists. The cyclists often ride very fast and can easily come up on you unexpectedly. It is recommended that you walk beside - but off the trail as you orienteer, and especially if you need a few minutes to read your map.


Most of the woods are either mowed parkland or thick with undergrowth. The undergrowth can either be poison ivy (especially at the edges of the woods), tall grass with good visibility but slow running, or moderate to thick undergrowth with limited visibility.

Due to the forecast of rain for before the meet, most of the controls are fairly easy to keep everyone out of the mud and poison ivy. So the challenge is more the distance than the control difficulty. We apologize to those who like playing in mud and brambles.

Roads and Bridges

There are streets and roads around and through both parks. The roads through the park are elevated above the flood plain, so you run the course by going under the road bridges. In particular, you should NOT cross any paved streets while orienteering.


There are multiple water fountains in both parks, so we will not be putting out additional water on the courses. Working water fountains are marked with the red water symbol on the map. Most of these water fountains are east of Rowlett Creek.


Due to the poison ivy and tall grass, all orienteers are encouraged to wear long pants and long sleeved shirts. You should probably bring an extra set of shoes/socks and pants to change into if it has rained recently before the meet. And, don't forget to protect yourself against getting sunburned if it is a sunny day. You might also want to use insect repellant. Also, watch out for snakes.

Map Update

Stan Darnell updated the maps, primarily the Oak Point map over the past month. This includes showing new and/or reconfigured trails, some changes in vegetation and man-made structures. He also corrected the maps to orient to Magnetic North as expected rather than True North. Boardwalks are mapped the same as paved trails. There is homeless person's camp in the woods. It and the prominent trail to it are marked as out of bounds. The "Go Ape" Treetop Adventure Zipline area is indicated by several tree stand T's, but there are not as many on the map as actually exist. Runners may pass through (under) this area, but don't mess with their stuff and watch out for participants on zip-lines

Jim Stevens


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