Plano Score-O Course Setter Notes

The course this year will probably be technically easier than last, but just a long. Unfortunately, the more challenging remote points are very well protected by water filled moats, critter filled marshes, thick sticky mud, and impenetrable walls of poison plants and prickly vines. So to avoid needing waders, bio-hazard suits, or small boats, I kept all the controls on or very near the trails. Watch out for bikers on the paved side walks. If stopping, please keep to the sides of all trails.

So the challenge of this Score-O is really the distance between controls, rather than finding the controls. This is due primarily to the open nature of the Bob Woodruff (BW) and Oak Point (OP) parks. There are a lot of bike and hike trails throughout the parks, including the wooded areas, so there is not much available that is actually away from a trail. If you visit all the controls, the length will be 10-12 miles.

The start and finish are both located at the main North Pavilion at Bob Woodruff. There are 50 controls scattered about both parks, 26 in BW and 24 in OP. The area covers from BW, south of Park to the North end of OP. The parks are bounded by Rowlett Creek at the South, Shiloh/Spring Creek on the West, Los Rios and San Gabriel on the East, and Jupiter on the North. Do not cross any of the paved roads; only cross under the bridges at Park and Parker. Do not cross Rowlett Creek except at the bridges. When dry, there are pipe crossing points, but they are not safe when wet or muddy.

The construction area in BW for the new dog park at Park and Shiloh has been marked as out-of-bounds. Please stay on the side walks around the edges.

If you are running along Jupiter, the marked path into the park near Spring Creek has been blocked by a fallen tree. You will to enter in the more open area to the East. In the park, there are a couple of other trails with fallen trees, but they are passable.

With several days of rain before the meet, it will be wet and muddy, so be careful.

Frank Ray


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