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Cooper Lake


Thursday, February 07th
Noon Competition registration closes!

All registrations submitted after this deadline will be accepted as RECREATIONAL ONLY!
Thursday, February 08th - Friday, February 09th

2 days of very intense activites as NTOA makes final preparations for this 2 day event.
  • No competition registrations accepted
  • No changes made that affect a competition person's Group or Class.
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Caculate event data values for all competitor and all competition classes (6-8 hours)
  • Assign Bib Numbers
  • Determine which classes run which course based on class counts (there are multiple white and yellow courses)
  • Assign equitable, balanced starts times to approximately 400 people
    • Seperate runners from the same org on the same course by at least 6 minutes
    • Seperate runners from the same class by at least 6 minutes
    • Keep time between first and last runner for a group as small as possible
    • Don't assign times where runners from one group always follow runners from another group
    • Flip Day 2 start times to equitably distribute early, middle and late starts
    • Account for special start time requests and meet staff start time needs
    • Minimize overall length of start window to minimize staff effort
    • Don't overload start crew at any given minute during the start window
  • Assign data ID numbers
  • Verify class count totals match start totals
  • Verify course count totals match start totals
  • Send counts by course to the Course Setter for map printing
  • Send counts by class to Awards person for awards preparation
Prepare Competitor Materials: (must occur after start time assignements) (5-6 hours)
  • Print labels for competitor Bib, Day 1 punch cards and Day 2 punch cards
  • Place labels on punch cards and bibs
  • Place all punch cards for a single group into an envelope and label
  • Determine missing items for the group (Waivers, Fees, ...) and write them on the envelope
  • Sort envelopes by groups
Prepare meet staff Materials (must occur after start time assignements) (1-2 hours)
  • Prepare 1 start list for start call-up line (list has competitor name and class)
  • Prepare 1 start list for Start Manager (List has name, class and group)
  • Prepare 1 start list for Event headquarters (List has name, class, and group)
  • Prepare runner accountability lists
    (competitors by name, competitors by start time, competitors by bib number)
  • Prepare epunch checkout list
Prepare Course maps (4-5 days)
  • Print shop usually needs 2 business days to do the printing for jobs of this size and complexity.
  • First print run be completed at least 2 days prior to the event (in case a reprint is needed)
Saturday, February 10th
08:00 AM - 10:00 AM NTOA Event Check-in
09:30 AM Beginner instruction
10:00 AM Day 1, First Start
Sunday, February 11th
09:00 AM Day 2, First Start
02:00 PM Awards presentation

Start Times

The first start on Saturday will be 10 AM and the first start on Sunday at 9 AM. Individual start times will be pre-assigned and posted on the NTOA website by the Friday before the event. Walk times to the start are will be posted in the course setter's notes.


The awards ceremony will take place at 2 PM on Sunday.

Interim results will be posted at the meet as time permits prior to the awards ceremony. Official results will be posted on the NTOA website as soon as possible after the meet.

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