Camp James Ray Course Setter Notes

Trails and Streams

Many trails are covered with leaves and may be somewhat difficult to find and/or follow. Those hard-to-find trails on the white/yellow courses have been flagged with ribbon. There may also be a few indistinct trails that had become so indistinct that they have almost "disappeared". Those that we investigated have been removed but there may be others.

Almost none of the streams and ditches have water but those that do are high and/or muddy. Remember, you may only cross water if you can see the bottom.

New Trails in Process

The BSA staff is planning several new trails and campsites in the southwest portion of the camp. At this time, ribbons have been hung but no true trail clearing has taken place. These "future" tails are not on the map.

New Structures

The BSA staff has been busy adding picnic table shelters at most of the campsites. They are red-topped open air metal structures. In adding these structures, they occasionally had to move flag poles and fire rings. Quite a few of these structures have been added to the map along with any corresponding fire ring/flag pole changes. But there are a handful of campsites on the north side of the loop that haven't had their structures/modifications mapped yet.

The swimming pool has been moved next to the main parking lot and the old pool has been filled in.


The gates cut into the non-crossable fence that runs along the North and South sides of Mill Creek Rd about halfway between the main camp entrance and the far west corner of the main property are not traditional gates. They are simply holes cut in the fences. The gates are small and have some wires sticking out that have been taped over. Use caution if you choose to use these holes in the fence.


The Orange, Brown, Green and Red courses cross the main road twice. Please watch out for cars when crossing and running beside the road.

Running through unfamiliar terrain is always dangerous. Notable terrain hazards at James Ray include high cliffs, non-crossable streams, briars, loose rocks, Cedar tree branches, and leaf-hidden hazards.

There are several old/ruined barbed wire fences on the property. Many are buried under the leaves and not readily noticeable. Those that I came across, I marked with orange/pink ribbon. But there are going to be plenty that are not marked.

Rifle Range

The rifle and archery ranges are part of the active courses this weekend (there is no shooting). You can ignore any signs that restrict entry into those areas.


The courses utilize the entire property, and pass through the camping areas. Please use courtesy around any campsites in use by others. There are also several houses on the property or boundary of the property - most are marked out of bounds. Please be courteous and avoid running through the yards of these houses.

Members of your group should stay within the camping areas and do not use this as an opportunity to explore the camp. Competitors who venture outside the camping areas or tamper with the controls will be immediately disqualified.

Safety Bearing

The main camp is on a peninsula, which extends into Lake Texoma. It is split by the main road. When on main camp, generally go uphill east or west to the main road.

The safety bearing when on the south camp area is to go Northeast to Mill Creek Rd.

Map Notes

Map has a 3-meter contour interval.

The map uses 3 nonstandard symbols to define the unique vegetation. Yellow background with green dots (usually denotes orchard) means fast running with low visibility. Green background with tiny yellow dots, means slow running with good visibility. Green X-pattern, means un-crossable.

Past droughts followed by flooding has modified some of the vegetation. Areas that are shown as dark green and were once not crossable may be crossable now. The woods are relatively navigable in most places but there are plenty of briars that can impede progress.

The area has intricate gully systems. Gullies are shown by contour lines or the gully symbol. The dry ditch and intermittent stream symbols are shown in blue to make the map easier to read.

Special feature X can show old cars, boats, trailers, rusted equipment, trash piles and other man-made items. There are new houses on the borders of the map. Some of these houses are not mapped.


The start is in the big field south of the dining hall. The finish is on the east side of the dining hall.

Course Specification

Course Length(M) Map Scale Controls
White A 2.5 1:7500 13
Yellow A 2.9 1:7500 10
Orange 5.5 1:10000 15
Brown 4.3 1:7500 10
Green 5.9 1:10000 15
Red 6.7 1:10000 15

Mary Lynn Genovesi


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