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Texas Stampede

Map Information

  • Area previously used for 2007 USOF Interscholastic Championships
  • 1:10,000, 3m contours
  • Mapper: Tatyana Svistun

Trevor Rees-Jones Scout Camp and Camp Meisenbach

Trevor Rees-Jones Scout Camp and Camp Meisenbach are located on the magnificent 3,300-acre Clements Scout Ranch near Athens, Texas. A total of four major lakes contribute to make this a true outdoorman's paradise. Soft rolling hills covered with oak, hickory and pine trees provide favorable natural habitat for the various wildlife to be found on the property. Bobcat, fox, opossum, raccoon, skunk, muskrat and rabbit can be found at various points on the property.

Camp Meisenbach (Northern section of venue)

  • Central feature is a large open plateau region used for livestock grazing.
  • Gentle and broad ridge/reentrant-type terrain surrounds the plateau and falls away on all sides
  • Collection of open shelters and pit toilets in the NE portion of the map.
  • Some deep, steep-sided, high contour-detailed creeks.
  • Running speed in white areas is very fast with trees widely spaced.
  • Vegetation hazards are predominently low-lying "wait-a-minute" vines and higher-hanging green briar. Hitting the latter at full-speed could be painful.
  • Visibility is generally good to excellent except in the darkest green areas.
  • Courses are expected to be on the long side to achieve recommended winning times.
  • Facility map (from BSA, Cirle Ten Council)

Trevor Rees-Jones Scout Camp (Southern section of venue)

  • Central feature is the chain of lakes and swamps running north/south through the map.
  • Ridge/reentrant terrain otherwise, but slightly gentler than in Camp Meisenbach.
  • Many buildings, shelters, fences and other man-made objects scattered throughout the map.
  • Running speed, vegetation and visibility are generally similar to Camp Meisenbach. However, there are more open areas whose borders have denser vegetation due to sun exposure.
  • Course lengths expected to be long.
  • Facility map (from BSA, Cirle Ten Council)

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