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Texas Stampede


Welcome (back) to the friendly confines of Camp Clements and the 10th annual Texas Stampede!

For the newbies: This camp is operated by the Circle Ten Council of the Boy Scouts of America. The property includes 3,300 acres of pine/hardwood forest and ranchland. The area is divided into two camps: Camp Trevor Rees-Jones and Camp Meisenbach. Our two-day event will feature races at both camps. It is the site of the 2008 U.S. Interscholastic Orienteering Championships.

Day 1: Camp Trevor Rees-Jones

This camp is the area one first enters from the main entrance, with two lakes. Drive straight ahead. Our assembly area will be at the HQ building. Please follow parking attendants' directions and park only where directed to do so.

Day 2: Camp Meisenbach

The area is reached by hanging a left at the first fork past the main entrance. The road leading to Meisenbach has been repaved but is re-acquiring potholes and is subject to flooding. Drive with care. Follow signage to reach the parking area. Assembly area is in the pavilion at the camping area north of the parking lot.


The ultra-long course will start and finish at the Camp Trevor Rees-Jones assembly area and range over both camps. Mass start is at 9:00 a.m. Please assemble by 8:45 a.m. for instructions and map distribution. The time limit is 6 hours, i.e., be BACK at finish by 3:00 pm. This part is key: Please check in at the finish, even if you decide to stop earlier.

Electronic scoring: We will once again be using e-punch for this race. This will enable you to compare splits and trash talk after the race with actual data to back it up. You'll learn how to use it at the race briefing, if unfamiliar.

If you have your own e-punch, you can use it. Others will receive one to borrow at no cost. We will require you to leave a drivers license/keys for borrowed devices. Everyone needs to report to the e-punch station after Registration to register their stick number or get their assigned one.


  • Online registration will remain open until Noon Thursday as with usual events.
  • Starts will not be pre-assigned for this event
    • White and Yellow course runners will receive start times EACH DAY at Registration. First come, first served.
    • Advanced courses (e-punch: Orange/Brown, Green, Red): You have an open, walk-up start. After Registration, you can go directly to the start line (first start: 10:00 a.m. Sat or 9:00 a.m. Sun) and begin when you're ready, at one-minute intervals per course.
    • Note: Please remember to Clear/Check/Start, Clear/Check/Start, Clear/Check/Start, Clear/Check/Start, Clear/Check/Start. Failure to comply will result in a big fat DQ. You should still carry a punchcard to use ONLY in case of e-box failure.

Recreational Runners: You'll follow the same process as everyone else. Only difference is, cheaper entry fee and no medals.

Watchouts: Things to avoid

  • Disturbing other visitors: We should have the camp to ourselves, according to head ranger Kevin Slater. However, please do not run through obviously occupied campsites if you encounter them. Go around. Be polite.
  • Shooting range: It could be in use. There's a big fence around this area, so you cannot wander into it by accident. Do not wander into it on purpose, either.
  • COPE equipment area: If people are using the ropes course, do not run through their activity. Go around.

Evening activity: Course review

You're invited to join fellow competitors for an informal course review from 8:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. on Saturday evening, at the Holiday Inn Express, 1119 E Tyler St, Athens, TX 75751. (Roughly across the street from Jalapeno Tree.) You may bring non-alcoholic beverages. We'll be meeting in the breakfast area past the lobby. Bring your map, splits and best excuses!

IMPORTANT: Horses and riders may be present on trails in either camp. The chances you will encounter one another are slim, but please follow these directives from the camp's head ranger, Kevin Ranger Slater:

  • Do not run in the vicinity of horses and riders
  • If your paths cross, step aside and let the riders go by. They always have right of way
  • If you are approaching from the rear and must pass, announce yourself from a distance, slow to a walk and pass by giving them a wide berth. Do not squeeze by on the trail; the horse could spook or you could be kicked. It's better to approach from the front, if possible
  • "If you do have an encounter, please let me know when you get back to the finish

That's all - have fun out there!

Lisa Carr
(214) 385-8622 / lisawernercarr@gmail.com

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