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Texas Stampede

CS Notes

Start and Finish - Day 1 - The start (5 minute walk from HQ building) is about 350m South of the HQ building along the East side of the lake. Please follow the ribbons to the start area. The finish is at the small covered shelter 50m north of the HQ building. Day 2 - The start is just Southeast of the parking area. The finish is the covered shelter about 150m North of the parking area.

Navigation - Other than localized areas of intricate reentrants, most navigable features at Clements Scout Ranch are broad or even subtle. There are numerous fences on Saturday's map that will affect route choice -- make sure to look for crossing points or gates. There is green briar throughout the camp; be careful when running at high speed and definitely wear leg protection. There has been extensive lumbering especially in the Meisenbach (Day 2) area. Tree Trunks were removed but branches, some quite large were left where they fell. Some updates have been made to the maps with most of the logged area shown with large thatched marking as shown on the legion. The areas look open but there are considerable logging debris are mixed with grasses and vines hindering navigation through areas that show to be open. Be aware of camping areas and be courteous when going in and around camp areas that are occupied.

Trails - The camp has been used by decades of scouts - so there are many old trails that are now somewhat hard to see - often being little more than leaf covered ruts in the woods that you can follow linearly, but are difficult to see when crossing perpendicularly. These have been mapped as indistinct and small trails on the map. Especially in the Meisenbach (Day 2) area there are flagging ribbons throughout marking trails, property boundaries, forest harvest boundaries, etc. Runners will need to be vigilant as to trail junctions and trail directions.

Contours - Slopes and contour features, including depressions and knolls are generally gradual or shallow, and can be subtle. On the other hand, gullies can be deep and challenging to cross.

Vegetation - White and light green forest is fast but there is always a chance of hitting some green briar. Be careful. The dark green can be thick with thorns

Water Levels - Water levels are low. Small streams and gullies are likely to be dry. Larger streams may have water. Nearly all depressions and pits were dry just a few weeks ago. The local soil is sandy and drains well most seasonal marshes are now dry.

Manmade objects - The main objects of consideration are fences. There are many uncrossable fences (indicated with double tick marks) that will definitely affect route choice. The crossable fences are often barbed wire. Be very careful when crossing these; the preferable method is to lie down and roll underneath. There are many new shelters at almost all of the camping areas at Camp Trevor Rees-Jones. Around each of the camp areas are many new tent stands; most of these have not been mapped. Many camps will be occupied by scout this weekend. Please be courteous and avoid interfering with scout activities

Horses - There may be some trail riders in the camp. Do not run up on horse riders, yield the trail and avoid startling the horses.

If you open a gate, close it behind you. Livestock in the camp must remain in their pastures. Don't bother the horses in the fields and corrals and give riders plenty of room

Orienteering Rules - Remember, on the competition courses orienteering is a solo event. Working with another person or signaling a control location is grounds for disqualification. Those interested in working as a team should participate on the recreational courses. (Teamwork is permitted on the Black course.)

Course Information

Water on course: Water is at several road intersections convenient for all courses.

Control proximity: There are many controls very near to each other. As always, it is very important to carefully check control numbers.

Day 1   Day 2
Course Distance(KM) Course Distance(KM)
White 2.55White 2.55
Brown 4.56Brown 4.73
Green 6.64Green 6.43
Red 7.81Red 7.53
Black 16.14  

Gene Wernette

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