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Harry Moss Park - CANCELED

Location and Directions

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Maps and Directions

  • From Central Expressway (75) in North Dallas
  • Exit at Walnut Hill and head east.
  • Go right on Fair Oaks Ave. heading southwest.
  • Continue southwest across White Rock Creek
  • Event HQ will be on the right in Fair Oaks Park, at the pavilion across from the high school.

location map

Parking for public
There is very limited parking on the northwest side of Fair Oaks near the headquarters pavilion. Participants should park across the street in front of the high school or in the baseball complex on the southeast side of Fair Oaks Ave., northeast of the high school.
Parking for schools/buses
School bus drivers will be instructed where to park at arrival to meet headquarters.
Some information that was recently in this space was based on the 2016 meet. In 2017, Conrad High School is NOT holding an athletic event on the same morning as our meet.
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