National Orienteering Day Score-O
Meet Director Notes


Welcome to our only venue in Fort Worth. Gateway Park is located in Fort Worth just across the highway from an old mapped area of ours called Tandy Hills. Gateway Park is a multi-use area with the Trinity River bisecting the area. The park caters to everyone from dog owners (Fort Woof Park is located there) to outdoor enthusiasts.

There are a number of athletic fields and trails for both hikers and bikers. With so much potential activity going on at the same time it is important for us to keep in mind that we are not the only ones there and we must share the area. Logistics may be an issue but with a little cooperation then everything should be fine.


We will have registration near the large parking lot. This lot is the second parking lot after you enter from the north gate. The small lot can be used for parking if you wish or if the larger lot is full. There are portable toilets at the parking lot that we will use. Further, there is ample open space for groups if they wish to set up tents. Both start and finish will be in the same general area as registration. This means that we may be a little tight on space. So please follow meet official?s directions.

Registration Notes

This event is a Score-O. It is a departure from our usual event. What this means is that there is only one map with all of the controls listed on them. Your task, whether it is for a "short" course or the "long" course, is to find as many controls as you can within the allotted time for your course. The controls can be found in any order that you desire. But you must punch your card that corresponds to that control. For example, if there is a bag with the number 101 and it is control #1 on your clue sheet, then you must punch square one on your card. If you find a bag with control number 110 and it is control number 10 on your clue sheet then your must punch square #10. Do not just use any square.


The parking lot that we would prefer to use is the larger parking lot that is around a bend to your right after you pass the small parking lot. It is near a large sporting complex. It is a short walk to our HQ area. If the big lot is full then:

Buses may pass through a gate to your left after you pass the small parking lot. Continue along and around the circle and park on the right of the street facing the gate. This is where busses have parked before.

However, we may have to share with others who may be using the area. So, be aware of this. Further, there is the likelihood that the fields at the other parking lot will be in use as well.

There is plenty of parking but you may have to search for a space.

Weather and Cautions

As of this writing, the weather looks like that it will be dry and fairly cool. However, still exercise caution and drink plenty of fluids.


Please be sure to read the Course Setter notes. As mentioned before, the Trinity River bisects the park and is prone to flooding. The park is basically flat but it does have some low-lying areas. As of this writing those areas may be wet with some standing water if it rains later in the week.


With so much activity going on at the same time it is very important that we respect others in their use of the park. We cannot control others but we can control ourselves. Runners must give way to mountain bikes and do not interfere with any field activity. Respect the property so that we impress upon others that we are good stewards and we can use the park in the future.

Scott Morris
Meet Director


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