Tyler State Park Course Setter Notes


The start is in the picnic area just west and around the bend from the registration pavilion. Finish is at the end of the trail in the registration pavilion area.


All courses will cross park roads. Please exercise caution when crossing or running along these roads.

Camping Areas

All camping areas are out-of-bounds. The courses have been designed such that you should not have to run through the camps. However, if you do find yourself in a camping area, please be courteous. Leave the area quickly and quietly without cutting through someone's campsite.

Water Treatment Plant

The water treatment plant site is out-of-bounds this year as it is undergoing construction and is a hard-hat area. Again, courses have been designed such that there should be no reason to run through this area.


Mountain biking is popular in the park. When running on trails, be alert for cyclists, be courteous and give them the right-of-way. It is a lot easier for you to stop and step aside than it is for them. If you need to stop to read your map, please step off the trail.


Stan has updated the vegetation, trails, rootstocks and man-made features in many areas of the park. Also, the park has done many burns in the last couple of months that have cleaned up a lot of the bad vegetation areas from past years. However, this time of year, vegetation grows rapidly, so what looked fine a week ago when laying out the courses will probably have deteriorated some. But, most of the light green areas can be gotten through without too much fight. The dark green areas are best avoided.

As usual, many rootstocks have been mapped, but there are always new ones that crop up that have not been mapped. In addition, many of the mapped rootstocks have eroded since they were mapped. Stan, did clean a lot of these up, but hasn't visited every area of the park so there are still some that fall into this category.

There are pipelines mapped in various areas of the park. Note that sometimes the pipeline itself is buried and white sign markers have been placed to designate where the pipeline is.

Be forewarned that there are small scattered poison ivy patches throughout the park. Also, I found a tiny tick after setting out course ribbons this year. Therefore, I would strongly suggest that long pants be worn. And check yourself for ticks after finishing.


There will be at least one water stop on all courses. Participants are encouraged to carry their own water, but if you do so, please properly dispose of any empty bottles and/or other trash. On the Orange/Brown/Green/Red courses, I attempted to pick likely crossing points. But you may have to slightly deviate from your optimally selected route to get to the water stop. Also, there are several restrooms along the park roads that can be used if you have an immediate need for water.

Safety Bearing

The safety bearing for the White courses is to navigate south to the road and follow it to the finish area. The safety bearing for the Yellow courses is north on the first half of the course and south on the second half. The Orange/Brown/Green/Red courses circle the lake and the safety bearing will be generally down toward the lake.


Note that there are some controls that are in close vicinity to each other. This is especially true in and around the start area. Be sure to compare the control number on the bag to the control number on the clue sheet before punching.

White 92.0 30
Yellow A112.5 75
Yellow B122.7 75

Mary Lynn Genovesi


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