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LBJ Billy Goat

Please join us for

LBJ Billy Goat
LBJ National Grasslands , Decatur, TX

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What on earth is a "Dillogoat?" It's our Texas-flavored version of a fun orienteering race typically called a Billygoat. In a Billygoat race

  • There's a mass start
  • Following is allowed - encouraged, even!
  • You're allowed to skip a control or two - the meet director will tell you how many
  • First one across the finish line on each course wins

This is what we call a barebones event: No awards, no NTOA Cup points, No start times. Just fun with a map.

Warning: The location of this event at LBJ National Grasslands is rougher and more "natural" than any of the city parks and camps used for NTOA events. Full O gear is recommended. No beginners, please! The meet director reserves the right to reject any registration entries or to disallow the participation of any entrants not known to have the necessary skills and experience





  • For an explanation of the course colors, see the course descriptions.
  • Course time limits: All competitors must report to the finish line within 3 hours after the mass start.


  • This event will be using a sub-set of the standard NTOA classes.
  • For an explanation of how the NTOA classes are determined, see the class descriptions (PDF).
  • Class Adjustments: Classes may be combined or sub-divided based on the number of entrants per class.

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