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General Information


Welcome to the Texas Stampede !

This meet features 2 competitive events. You can sign up for one but not both, because they run concurrently.

  • Standard event: 2-day competition with cumulative times for Saturday and Sunday
  • Special event: Ultra-Long "Black" course on Saturday only

See the Competition Related sections for details on each event.

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Information Updates

11/07/2017: Revise various page content as requested by the Meet Director
10/11/2017: Initial pages uploaded to website.


Thursday, December 7th
6:00 PM All online registration closes!

All registrations submitted after this deadline will be accepted as RECREATIONAL ONLY!
Saturday, December 9th
Ultra-long competition schedule
08:00 AM - 08:30 AM Black Course Check-in
08:30 AM - 08:45 AM Relocate to Start Area
08:45 AM - 09:00 AM Final Instructions and Map distribution
09:00 AM Mass Start of all Competitors
03:00 PM All Competitors must have returned to Finish
2 day combined competition schedule
08:30 AM - 10:00 AM 2 day Competition Event Check-in
09:30 AM Beginner instruction
10:00 AM Day 1, First Start
03:00 PM All Competitors must have returned to Finish
Sunday, December 10th
09:00 AM Day 2, First Start
02:00 PM Awards presentation

Start Times

The first start on Saturday will be 10 AM and the first start on Sunday at 9 AM. Walk times to the start will be posted in the course setter's notes.


The awards ceremony will take place at 2 PM on Sunday.

Interim results will be posted at the meet as time permits prior to the awards ceremony. Official results will be posted on the NTOA website as soon as possible after the meet.


Choice of Competition Types
Sat/Sun 2-Day Cumulative Courses Saturday Only Ultra Long Course
The fee shown is for the 2-day event.
The fee is the reduced in half if you register for just one day
Fees for Competitive Individuals
(a participant that is navigating the course individually)
Competitor Cost
Non-members $34 per person
Members $24 per person
Juniors: (19 yrs and younger) $16 per person
Fees for Recreational Teams - No Awards given
(2 to 5 participants that are navigating the course together)
Competitor Online registration Cost
Juniors: (19 yrs and younger) $34 (for 2 persons)
Members $34 (for 2 persons)
Non-members $34 (for 2 persons)
Additional People
Maximum of 3 additional people
Age 8 and below are not charged
once 2 person minimum is met
$5 per person
Other Fees
Item Cost
Competitive TeamsNot Allowed
E-Punch Rental $6 per fingerstick
The fee shown is for the 1 day event.
Fees for Teams
(2 or more participants that are navigating the course together)
Competitor Cost
Non-members $40 per 2 person team
Members $40 per 2 person team
Juniors: (19 yrs and younger) $40 per 2 person team
Additional People
Maximum of 3 additional people
$20 per person

Meet Officials

Meet Director:  
Course Setter:  
Online Registration:    

Competition Related



Card punch

Card punch




  • For an explanation of the course colors, see the course descriptions.
  • Course time limits: All competitors must report to the finish line within 3 hours of their start.


  • This event will be using the custom NTOA 2-Day meet classes.
  • See the following chart for a class list.
  • The online registration form will calculate the competitor's class.
  • Class Adjustments: Classes may be combined or sub-divided based on the number of entrants at the descretion of the meet director.


This data is not available at this time. Please check back later.

Registration Page for the 2 Day orienteering event

Adventure Racers! Do not use this page
To Register for the 1 day Ultra Long race, please use the Ultra Long Race page.
Questions regarding preregistration can be sent to the . Other questions regarding the meet should be sent to the meet director.
Choice of Competition Types
Competition Courses Recreational Courses
2-day Competition 1 or 2 day Recreational

Manual punch

Manual punch

Electronic punch

Electronic punch

Electronic punch

Electronic punch

Manual punch

Manual punch

Step 1: Register Online

Adventure Racers! Do not use this page
To Register for the 1 day Ultra Long race, please use the Ultra Long Race page.
Competition Courses Recreational Courses
Competition online registration is not available at this time.
Recreational online registration is not available at this time.

Competitive Individual

Competitive Individual
Large Group

Competitive Individuals
( from the same school, troop, group or family )

Recreational Team

Recreational Team
( min 2 people, max 5 people )

Step 2: Download and complete waiver

Please download and complete the waiver

Complete the waiver in pen.

NOTE: All youth under 18 years of age must have a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian.

Step 3: Submit payment and waiver to meet officials

There are NO mail-in requirements for payments and waivers this year.

Please bring payments and waivers with you to the event.

This information has not been uploaded yet. Please check back later.

Start and Finish

Day 1 - The start (5 minute walk from HQ building) is about 350m South of the HQ building along the East side of the lake. Please follow the ribbons to the start area. The finish is at the small covered shelter 50m north of the HQ building. Day 2 - The start (10 minute walk from parking area) is about 600m West of parking area. Follow the ribbons to the start area. The finish is the covered shelter about 150m North of the parking area


Other than localized areas of intricate reentrants, most navigable features at Clements Scout Ranch are broad or even subtle. There are many fences on Saturday's map that will affect route choice -- make sure to look for crossing points or gates. There is green briar throughout the camp; be careful when running at high speed and definitely wear leg protection . There has been extensive lumbering especially in the Meisenbach (Day 2) area. Tree Trunks were removed but branches, some quite large were left where they fell. The branches large and small are mixed with grasses and vines hindering navigation through areas that show to be open.


The camp has been used by decades of scouts - so there are many old trails that are now somewhat hard to see - often being little more than leaf covered ruts in the woods that you can follow linearly, but are difficult to see when crossing perpendicularly. These have been mapped as indistinct and small trails on the map. Especially in the Meisenbach (Day 2) area there are flagging ribbons throughout marking trails, property boundaries, forest harvest boundaries, etc. Runners will need to be vigilant as to trail junctions and trail directions.


Slopes and contour features, including depressions and knolls are generally gradual or shallow, and can be subtle. On the other hand, gullies can be deep and challenging to cross.


White and light green forest is fast but there is always a chance of hitting some green briar. Be careful. The dark green can be thick with thorns

Water Levels

Water levels are low. Small streams and gullies are likely to be dry. Larger streams may have water. Nearly all depressions and pits were dry just a few weeks ago. The local soil is sandy and drains well most seasonal marshes are now dry.

Manmade objects

The main objects of consideration are fences. There are many uncrossable fences (indicated with double tick marks) that will definitely affect route choice. The crossable fences are often barbed wire. Be very careful when crossing these; the preferable method is to lie down and roll underneath. There are many new shelters at almost all of the camping areas at Camp Trevor Rees-Jones. Around each of the camp areas are many new tent stands; most of these have not been mapped. Many camps will be occupied by scout this weekend. Please be courteous and avoid interfering with scout activities


There may be some trail riders in the camp. Do not run up on horseriders, yield the trail and avoid startling the horses

If you open a gate, close it behind you. Livestock in the camp must remain in their pastures. Don't bother the horses in the fields and corrals and give riders plenty of room

Orienteering Rules

Remember, on the competition courses orienteering is a solo event. Working with another person or signaling a control location is grounds for disqualification. Those interested in working as a team should participate on the recreational courses. (Teamwork is permitted on the Black course.)

Water on course

Water is at several road intersections convenient for all courses

Control proximity

There are many controls very near to each other. As always, it is very important to carefully check control numbers.

Gene Wernette

Day 1   Day 2
Course Distance(KM) Course Distance(KM)
White A 2.73White A 2.67
White B 2.51White B 2.85
Yellow A4.03Yellow A3.09
Yellow B4.07Yellow B3.20
Orange 5.35Orange 5.05
Brown 4.32Brown 4.30
Green 6.12Green 5.74
Red 7.73Red 7.06
Black 15.57   


Travel Related Information

Camping at Clements

Limited camping is available for registered scout troops and certain other groups at $5 per person.

Circle Ten manages the camp and any camping registrations for Scouts. Scouts wanting to camp at Clements, please contact either the Circle Ten Council. Check the Circle Ten Council website page and scroll down to the paragraph titled "Camp Permits" for more details.

Non-Scout groups should contact  

Lodging in Athens


Camping near Athens

Additional lodging and camping is available a bit farther from Clements Scout Ranch in Canton and Tyler.

Online Maps and Directions

DFW Airport to Athens

Athens to Clements Scout Ranch


Offline Maps and Directions

Club provided Directions to Athens

There are two options: Going southeast through Dallas, which is more direct, or heading directly south to I20 and then heading east, which is longer in distance. At low traffic times, passing through Dallas will be quicker. However, if you will be passing through downtown Dallas during rush hour, particularly on Friday, taking the southern route may be faster.

Travel time from DFW Airport to Clements Scout Ranch in good traffic condtions: ~ 2 hrs

Option 1: Through Dallas
Take the South airport exit
Take Hwy 183 East towards Dallas
Hwy 183 merges into I35E
Take I35E into Dallas
After passing through downtown Dallas:
Take I30 East towards Texarkana
Take I45 South towards Houston
Follow directions below from "Dallas to Athens"

Option 2: Around Dallas to I20
Take the South airport exit
Take Hwy 183 West towards Ft. Worth
Take Hwy 360 South
Take I20 East towards Shreveport
Take Hwy 175 South towards Kaufman
Follow directions below from "Dallas to Athens"

Dallas to Athens Travel time from downtown Dallas to Clements Scout Ranch ~ 1 hr 25 min
From Dallas on I45 heading South
Take Hwy 175 to Kaufman
Hwy 175 continues to Athens
Take Hwy 175 all the way into Athens until Hwy 31
Take Hwy 31 East (Left) to town center

Club provided Directions to Clements Scout Ranch

From town center in Athens
Go South on SR 19
Go West (Right) on Farm Road 753
Farm Road 753 bends to head Southwest
Go South (left) on Farm Road 2970
Entrance to Clements Scout Ranch is on the East (left) side of Farm Road 2970

Other Information

New Orienteer Information

Orienteering Survival Guide: If this is your first event, you might like to read this event description .

Equipment: Wear comfortable running shoes or hiking boots, long pants or long nylon running pants for protection against underbrush, eyewear to protect against branches, a watch as there is a time limit (3 hours unless noted otherwise), a whistle to call for help, and a compass. The compass should be protractor-style with a clear baseplate that can be purchased at many outdoor and sporting-goods stores for $10-$15.

Water:Water will be available at the start, finish and at locations on the course. However, all participants are highly encouraged to carry water to prevent dehydration.


Texas weather in February can be extremely variable. Cold jet stream winds from the north can drop the temperature to the teens. Southern winds can raise the temperatures back up to the seventies the very next day! One day can be a sunny day, perfect for shorts. The next can be cold and rainy. We have a good snow a couple times a winter, and sometimes it even sticks around for a day or two. Storms of freezing rain and ice are not uncommon. But then it's sunny and warm again.

Bottom line: Be prepared for anything. Have gloves, hats and running gear of good wicking material in case it is wet and cold.

Map Information

  • Area previously used for 2007 USOF Interscholastic Championships
  • 1:10,000, 3m contours
  • Mapper: Tatyana Svistun

Trevor Rees-Jones Scout Camp and Camp Meisenbach

Trevor Rees-Jones Scout Camp and Camp Meisenbach are located on the magnificent 3,300-acre Clements Scout Ranch near Athens, Texas. A total of four major lakes contribute to make this a true outdoorman's paradise. Soft rolling hills covered with oak, hickory and pine trees provide favorable natural habitat for the various wildlife to be found on the property. Bobcat, fox, opossum, raccoon, skunk, muskrat and rabbit can be found at various points on the property.

Camp Meisenbach (Northern section of venue)

  • Central feature is a large open plateau region used for livestock grazing.
  • Gentle and broad ridge/reentrant-type terrain surrounds the plateau and falls away on all sides
  • Collection of open shelters and pit toilets in the NE portion of the map.
  • Some deep, steep-sided, high contour-detailed creeks.
  • Running speed in white areas is very fast with trees widely spaced.
  • Vegetation hazards are predominently low-lying "wait-a-minute" vines and higher-hanging green briar. Hitting the latter at full-speed could be painful.
  • Visibility is generally good to excellent except in the darkest green areas.
  • Courses are expected to be on the long side to achieve recommended winning times.
  • Facility map (from BSA, Cirle Ten Council)

Trevor Rees-Jones Scout Camp (Southern section of venue)

  • Central feature is the chain of lakes and swamps running north/south through the map.
  • Ridge/reentrant terrain otherwise, but slightly gentler than in Camp Meisenbach.
  • Many buildings, shelters, fences and other man-made objects scattered throughout the map.
  • Running speed, vegetation and visibility are generally similar to Camp Meisenbach. However, there are more open areas whose borders have denser vegetation due to sun exposure.
  • Course lengths expected to be long.
  • Facility map (from BSA, Cirle Ten Council)

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