Red River Ramble
Meet Director Notes


Welcome to NTOA's northern most venue and hopefully some mild weather making for some enjoyable orienteering.

Event Center and Parking

Event Center and parking will be as the same as the past few years for this venue. Enter at the main gate and proceed north until you reach the large athletic field on the left.

Instruction Clinics

Beginner and Boy Scout Orienteering Merit Badge clinics will both be available at times listed on the Schedules page.

Start and Finish

There will be two separate Start areas:

Out of Bounds

Areas marked as Out of Bounds (red cross-hatch) are not to be entered. Violators are subject to disqualification.


Water containers will be provided at the Start and Finish areas and varous location along the courses. Please help keep these areas clean by putting your used cups the trash receptacles. Restroom facilities will consist of portable toilets near the Event Center Registration area.

Poison Ivy and briars are scattered throughout the wooded and natural prairie parts of the camp. Protective clothing is highly recommended.

Assisting Organizations

Thanks to North Mesquite High School for providing our meet workers.

Results and Awards

As results are available, they will be posted near the Event Center Registration area. We will be presenting medals for top finishers in each class. Final results will be posted on the NTOA web site soon after the meet.

Final Comments

I look forward to seeing you there!

Carl Bridges


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