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Plano Score-O

Please join us for

Plano Score-O
Oak Point Preserve/ Bob Woodruff Park , Plano, TX

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Score-O Short

Card punch
90 minute time limit
Score-O Long

Card punch
3 hour time limit

  • A Score-O is an orienteering event in which competitors visit as many controls as possible, in any order, within a time limit.
  • Controls have different point values; greater points are assigned to controls that are more difficult to locate or that are greater distance from the start. No penalty points are applied for controls that are not visited. The orienteer with the most points wins.If more than one orienteer visits all controls, then the fastest orienteer to find all points wins.
  • There will be two Score-O courses, a 90 minute and a three-hour course. There will be one mass start for both courses. Penalty points are applied to those taking longer than the course time

The Short and Long time limit courses use the same Bob Woodruff and Oak Point maps and controls.

Score-O Short Runners: You are scored against finding as many controls as possible in the 90 minute time limit.
Score-O Long Runners: You are scored against finding as many controls as possible in the 3 hour time limit


  • This event will be using Custom NTOA classes.

This event has a custom schedule - Times are different from normal

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