Erwin MD notes

Erwin Park 2021 Meet Director’s Notes

Welcome to Erwin Park DIY-O.  Most of what you need to know will be found in the Instructions section of the Erwin DIY-O event page or in the course setter’s notes.

Erwin Park is a municipal park run by the City of McKinney. Park rules are posted on a sign near the entrance.  This park has exceptionally little trash in it so please help keep it clean.  You may see a sign at the access road or one of the parking areas, saying that the trails are either “open” or “closed”.  If it says “closed”, it does NOT mean the park is closed.  You may still orienteer.  It means that the trails are muddy and mountain bikers should not use the trails.  Occasionally, portions of the park are closed on short notice for police training or other reasons.  You can call the city parks department at 972-547-7480 to check the park status. 

The Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association (DORBA) has a huge loop trail winding through nearly every part of the park.  They are constantly adding, changing and improving it.  When the trails are open there will be a lot of mountain bike traffic, especially on weekends with nice weather.  Please be aware for your safety and theirs and don’t obstruct the bike trails. Please step aside and be respectful.  The north part of the park has several campsites; please avoid running through these if they are occupied.

There are restrooms in the park but expect them to be locked until spring.  Portable toilets are available at some parking areas.

Don’t forget to bring your own map, clue sheet, and water.  Since your home printer may not use waterproof ink and extremely durable paper, remember to use a plastic zip-lock bag to protect your map in damp conditions.

Stan Darnell, meet director