Dallas 2020 Interscholastic Championships Meet Director Notes

Crawford Memorial Park

Located at 8700 Elam Road in South Dallas, this 266 acre park has been the site of an annual orienteering meet for about 15 years. The location of this park is ideal for the DFW area. Orienteers from both the general public and schools can make the easy drive to this locale as it is located north of I-20 just off of Hwy 175. Please refer to more detailed directions on the event page.

The terrain has some very interesting challenges (meaning hard and complex) as well as a paved sidewalk that meanders its way through the main part of the park. Supplementing this is a trail system that takes runners off into the woods. Please read the Course Setters notes as he will provide more details about the courses as well as the ground conditions.  The Course Setter will also provide information on the courses themselves without making any apologies for their level of difficulty.

Parking:  Upon arrival at the park, the main parking lot is long and narrow and parallels Elam Rd. Parking is first come first serve except for buses. Buses can park in the parking lot but must park along the curb closer to Elam Rd. Do not park in the street as there is no need to. The first bus there will be guided as to where to park and then each bus follows suit. Our HQ will be at the east end of the main lot. That is where registration will be.

For Schools: Please pre-register and have your waivers complete. Also, we will need to know who within your group is a no show when it is your turn at the registration table. Further, if you need to make a change of information, then please have that written down. This will speed up the process. Once you are checked in, you will be handed punch cards along with pre-printed labels with your runner’s name on them.

Individuals and Teams: Make sure that you are in the correct line. You will also be handed a punch card with your label on it. Everyone needs a punch card and it needs to be turned in at Finish once you are done. This is done for runner accountability. There may be other activities within the park. Namely, soccer games, etc. If you encounter any other activity you must not cross a ball field or interfere with their activity. There will be port-a-potties on site. The overall attendance will determine how many potties there will be.

Please enjoy our event.

Scott Morris

Meet Director