Crawford CS notes 2020

Dallas ISD Interscholastic Championships Course Setter Notes

Crawford Memorial Park includes some technically challenging terrain in the form of complex erosion systems. Much of the park is criss-crossed by old mountain bike trails. Although there are some steep slopes in the erosion complexes and along the stream, the park is mostly flat. 
Maps, Contour and Scale 
The map has a 3-meter contour interval. All courses are on 1:5000 scale.
Running through unfamiliar terrain is always dangerous. Notable terrain hazards include high cliffs, steep slopes, briars, loose rocks, cedar tree branches, deep water and leaf-hidden hazards. Trash and debris have accumulated along some parts of the creek and on the wooded slopes near the soccer fields. Do not cross soccer fields if they are in use.  Watch out for glass bottles if you come across this kind of material. 
A large stream flows southward through the middle of the park.  In the northern part of the park the creek may be crossed easily on the Elam Road bridge or the large footbridge on the paved trail near the middle of the park. White and Yellow courses will use both these bridges.  The creek should not be crossed in the north part of the map where you cannot see the bottom of the streambed.  In the southern part of the park there are several places for shallow water crossings.  
 Course Details 
There is an increase in technical difficulty of Brown and Green from Orange. Similarly, Orange is much more difficult than Yellow. Thus, do not select course based on distance alone. Orange and Green both require two stream crossings — shoes will get wet and muddy. White, Yellow and Brown should be able to keep dry shoes.
Course  Length(M)   Climb(M)   # of Controls
White           2.7                 33               15
Yellow          4.2                 57               15
Orange        4.9                162              17
Brown          3.6                108              14
Green          5.4                171              22
course setter:  Stan Darnell