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Joining NTOA is a win-win proposition: NTOA members receive discounts on meet fees and your dues help NTOA develop new maps, buy new equipment and provide financial support to promising young Texas orienteers who qualify to attend the Texas Junior Orienteering Camp and/or compete at the national and international level. NTOA is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. New members and renewing members are asked to complete the form below so NTOA will have current membership information.

You can now join or renew with NTOA in a number of ways:

  1. Complete the online form below, click submit, select Buy Now, and pay via Paypal/credit card.
  2. Complete the online form below, click submit, select Print an Pay Offline, and mail the printed form with payment to NTOA.
  3. Download and print a paper copy of the NTOA application, complete and mail the form with payment to NTOA.
  4. Fill out the traditional paper form you received in the mail and mail the form with payment.
  5. Pick up a paper copy of the NTOA form, Complete it, and pay in person at an NTOA event.

If you have any questions regarding joining or renewing your membership with NTOA, Contact Lisa Carr by phone at 214-385-8622 or send those questions by email to at NTOA.

Step 1: Determine the membership type that fits your situation

Individual Membership Family Membership
$15 $20

Step 2: Complete this online membership form

    Before using this form, please note:
  • By submitting this form and the associated data, you are signing up to become a member North Texas Orienteering Association. Your membership will NOT become effective until your payment has been received by NTOA.
  • After submitting this form, you will be presented with a choice of 2 payment methods. You may select to pay online (via Paypal), or you may select to print the completed application form and mail in the payment to NTOA.
  • All online payments will be handled via the Paypal website. NO credit card or bank account information is collected on the NTOA website nor supplied to NTOA by Paypal.

Please select a membership type:
Individual Family
Please enter your contact information:
First Name: Last Name:
Address1: Year Born:
City: State/Region: Email:
ZipCode: Country: Phone:
Yes No  
Please enter Family members'  information: (for Family memberships only)
Please note: Please do not attempt to make changes by registering the same individual or family more than once as that complicates the work of the membership chairperson.

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