Enjoy a day together in the outdoors with courses set at the right level for everyone.

   Improve your map and compass skills and gain confidence in finding your way.

Competitive Runners and Walkers:
   Get off the pavement and away from traffic in a sport that challenges your mind as well as your body.

Skiers, Cyclists, and Canoeists:
   Orienteering isn’t only done on foot.

Youth Groups:
   A great activity for an age with beginners’ courses where everyone is a winner.

   Anyone who enjoys the outdoors, the challenge of finding your way and the excitement of discovery.

We invite everyone to try Orienteering


It’s a road rally on foot. It’s a treasure hunt in the woods. It’s finding your way from one brightly colored marker (control point) to another using a map and a compass. The topographical map shows trails, roads, open areas, fences, buildings, and more. They all indicate where to find a control point.

Orienteering is a special kind of sport that attracts both competitive and recreational participants. Scouts, backpackers, and those who enjoy walking find it good practice in using map and compass. Some enjoy the competitive side, trying to finish as quickly as possible, testing their endurance as well as their ingenuity. Others like the noncompetitive side of it and use it as an excellent excuse to walk in the woods, content to find all the points while enjoying the beauties of nature.

The basics can be learned in half an hour, but you can spend a lifetime honing your skills. The equipment is simple and inexpensive, the conditioning necessary is modest, the primary skill easy, and the rewards many.

Orienteering challenges the mind and body. The key is more the ability to make wise decisions rather than the ability to run like a deer. Hence the name “THE THINKING SPORT”. On the course you must make decisions and calculations: reading the map, recognizing the terrain, and choosing routes. For the more advanced courses, you will set your compass and occasionally count paces. This mental challenge makes orienteering consistently stimulating.

The best part of orienteering is sharing a common, yet individual experience.

Come on out and discover what orienteering is for yourself!


The North Texas Orienteering Association (NTOA) sponsors events from September through May. There is a beginners clinic available at every event. The clinic, where you can learn the basics of orienteering, map reading and using a compass, begins when registration opens.

EQUIPMENT AND CLOTHING: Wear old clothes, preferably long pants and sleeves, and comfortable walking, hiking, or running shoes. Wear a watch because there is always a time limit. Maps are provided at the event site. Bring a compass if you have one (a few loaners are available) and also a whistle. Whistles are required for all participants.

COST: In general, local events cost $7.00 for members and $10.00 for non-members. This cost is per map. Most people go it alone, but many families share a map. We recommend that each adult has a map. Too many people sharing a map usually means one or two read the map and the rest just follow along and little real orienteering is done. Our 2-day A and B meets will cost slightly more. Please check our web page for up-to-date information on the cost of specific events.

Who is NTOA?

The North Texas Orienteering Association, founded in 1986, is a not-profit organization dedicated to the support and growth of orienteering in the northeastern part of the Lone Star State. It is chartered under the United States Orienteering Federation (USOF) which in turn is a member of the International Orienteering Federation (IOF).

Proceeds from NTOA events go toward production of maps for future orienteering events. Memberships in NTOA entitles you to the association’s newsletter as well as a discount off the entry fee to NTOA events. Additionally, training events are conducted periodically.

Do I have to join NTOA?

No. We encourage everyone to join NTOA to receive all the benefits of membership. There will not be any high pressure tactics to join. Members and non-members are equally welcome at NTOA events.

We will have applications to join at each event or you may print one, fill it out prior to the event and bring it with you.   Application to Join

How do I find out more about NTOA?

Please see the NTOA website at   www.ntoa.com

All Events are open to the general public